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Continental Tire is the proud sponsor of the AYSO Safe Haven® program, the unique child safety program of the world’s biggest youth soccer club. Safe Haven® training (available online and in-person) is required for every registered AYSO coach, referee, administrator and volunteer helper.
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With the increase of electronics and online engagement, children spend less time outdoors and being physically active. Kids spend an average of 53 hours a week on entertainment media. Being active helps reduce the risk of your child developing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol while also helping them develop social skills and the ability to learn and retain information. So in order to get your little soccer player to spend more time playing outside, we pulled together some ideas on how you can continue to keep them active when they’re not at the field.

Set an example by being active
As a role model for your children, show them how fun and beneficial it is to be active and being outside. Make it a daily routine for your family …

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