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How to Peak Your Soccer Performance and Minimize The Risk of Injury

Brought to you by Goal Nation  Youth Soccer News: While many people find a sleeping kitty cute – especially one with a soccer ball — most of us fail to recognize the importance of sleep. Here is John Gallucci, Jr. on what happens if a soccer player doesn’t get enough sleep and answering that question … How important is sleep anyway? Today’s most youth soccer players are tired. What happens if a soccer player doesn’t get enough sleep? How important is sleep anyway? John Gallucci Jr. — the Medical Coordinator for more than 600 pro soccer players at the MLS, and the former Head Trainer of the New York Red Bulls on why sleep actually matters if you play soccer … after all, you do need to be alert and in top form if you want to avoid injuries and play at your peak level of performance. Gallucci Jr. is the former ...

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